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Jeter second most popular athlete

Jeter second most popular athlete
June 27, 2007

BALTIMORE -- Derek Jeter, who turned 33 yesterday, was named the second most popular athlete in America in a survey conducted by the Harris Poll organization.

Jeter is behind only Tiger Woods on the Top 10 list, which Harris puts out annually for no discernible reason. Alex Rodriguez did not make the list, nor did any other baseball player.

Not surprisingly, the news of his standing in the hearts and minds of Americans - or at least the 2,372 adults nationwide who were polled from June 5-11 - did not seem to complete Jeter's life.

"Really, honestly, it's not something you sit down and think about," Jeter said before the Yankees played the Orioles at Camden Yards. "I've never sat down and looked at a poll."

The Harris Poll

Most popular athletes in America

1. Tiger Woods

2. Derek Jeter

3. Michael Jordan (retired)

4. Brett Favre

5. LeBron James

6. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

7. Tim Duncan

8. Peyton Manning

9. Kobe Bryant

10. Tom Brady

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